Good evening to all you nocturnals. I know you all love a good vamp story so lets look at one short myth from Egypt and one of the Vampire Legends.

Egyptian Vampiric Myth of the Goddess Sekhmet

There was a time in ancient Egypt where humans entered into a conspiracy to overthrow the gods. They blasphemed against Ra (king of Gods and men) and heretical priests and magicians plotted ways to turn against the Gods for their destruction, using those very powers that the Gods had given to mankind that they might flourish and grow great upon the earth.
Ra (hearing of this plan) called to meet with Him the most ancient and potent Gods, those who had been with Him in the primeval waters before the time when with His eye (the sun) He had made life. The Gods counseled together and it was decided that Sekhmet (the force against which no other force avails) should manifest on the earth and quell the rebellion. Sekhmet would manifest and punish all those who had held in their minds evil images and imagined wicked plots.

Then Sekhmet walked among men and destroyed them and drank their blood. Night after night Sekhmet waded in blood, slaughtering humans, tearing and rending their bodies, and drinking their blood. The other Gods decided that the slaughter was enough and should stop but they could find no way to stop Sekhmet who was drunk on human blood.

As the carnage went on, the Gods recognised that Sekhmet (her rage sustained by intoxication) would relentlessly proceed with the killing until the last human life had been extinguished. Then Ra had brought to him from Elephantine certain plants which have been said to be of the solanaceae family and which can be brewed as powerful mind-altering drugs. Those plants, and possibly also opium or hemp, were sent to the God Sekti at heliopolis. Sekti added these drugs to a mixture of beer and also human blood, until 7,000 great jugs of the substance had been made. The jars were taken to a place were Sekhmet would pass and there were poured out onto the ground, flooding the fields for a great distance. When Sekhmet came to these fields and perceived what she thought to be blood, she rejoiced and drank all of the liquid. Then “Her heart was filled with joy”. Her mind was changed, and she thought no more of destroying mankind.
After that, Ra addressed Sekhmet as the One who comes in peace, praising the beauty and charm of the Goddess.
This myth was found on the walls of the tomb of Seti.



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